As our dentist can tell you, your oral health is very closely connected to your overall health. In fact, problems with your smile can create issues for your respiratory and cardiovascular systems, and there is evidence that dental problems may be linked to conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease. People who live with diabetes should also understand how gum disease can create complications for their condition. Dr. Subodh Swaroop has a passion for educating his patients about how their dental health affects their overall well being and is committed to helping each of our clients achieve clean, healthy and attractive smiles with the following dental treatments in Huntington Beach, California.

No matter if you are concerned with the health, appearance or alignment of your smile, Dr. Swaroop and our team will be happy to see you. To schedule a dental appointment for yourself or any member of your family, contact Smile HB Dental & Orthodontics at 714-593-0256 today.